Point Blank Dev Code School
A web application development trade school with a focus on apprenticeship and pipeline to real project work.

Knowledge through apprenticeship

Fast-forward your growth with access to a mentor.

There are many different schools of thoughts and trends in software. Some come and go over the years, but others stick and make a lasting impact. Knowing where to invest you time to build skills can by hard when getting started. Working with a mentor can help:

  • Build a unique growth plan so you can achieve the your own personal career goals.
  • Find gaps in your existing skill set, and create time for dedicated practice to improve those skills.
  • Know the technological landscape, and which frameworks and tools are essential, and which can be ignored.

Real Project Work

Tired of tutorials and fake starter apps?

Point Blank Dev is both a software company and code school, so as long as there are projects to work on, there will be real project work to learn with. You'll learn not only to start projects, but how to finish them and make clients happy with the results. You can work confidently knowing your mentor will give you feedback as you work and learn.

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